Types of anal sex can also be a part of lesbian sexual practices. Cartoon pornography is the portrayal of illustrated or animated fictional characters in erotic or sexual situations. It has since become popular enough with couples to be discussed during an episode of Sex and the City. Sadism describes sexual pleasure derived by inflicting pain, degradation, humiliation on another person or causing another person to suffer. They may be noted for using milf porno risque themes, graphic violence, sexuality or black comedy in a manner that is unsuitable for younger audiences. The naked appearance of actress Demi Moore in the advanced stage of pregnancy on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine in 1991 marked the beginning of a period which has since seen pregnancy presented by celebrities as a glamorous state of living, while also creating a market for photographers to produce images of pregnant mothers, and for fashion stylists to introduce pregnancy styling to their business. Commenting on why there are not as many female macrophiles, psychologist Helen Friedman theorized that because women in most societies already view men as dominant and powerful, there no need for them to fantasize about it. While some fantasize about a giantess who is slightly taller than himself, others are interested in giantesses that are hundreds or even thousands of feet tall. Common phrases used to refer to these individuals are chicks with dicks or the derogatory term shemale, although these are generally considered pejorative among transwomen. See also Gay-for-pay. Being forced to wear diapers as a form of humiliation is sometimes a behavior encountered in sexual masochism. Lesbian pornography typically features a wider range of appearances and body types than is typical of mainstream pornography. The neologism pegging was popularized when it became the winning entry in a contest in Dan Savage Savage Love sex advice column, held after an observation was made that there was no common name for the act. Those with diaper-related paraphilias differ widely in their focus of attention.
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